Below Calvary Cemetery to the north, and reachable by car, is the Carillon Historical Park (1000 Carillon Boulevard, 937-293-2841). Behind the tall, modern, carillon tower, an outdoor museum of Dayton history has been developed: a large visitors center and museum leads to a fine collection of early settlement structures and exhibits including Newcomís Tavern (Daytonís oldest, from 1796), and a variety of early houses and industrial buildings.

A transportation theme is developed in many of the remaining structures: a steam engine from the National Cash Register Company, a canal lock, two bridges, a railway station, and commuter cars. Most significant of course is the amazing, original Wright Flyer III of 1905. Trails are being developed up the steep, wooded hillside to the surviving sections of the Calvary Cemetery Earthwork.

Carillon Historical Park preserves several of Daytonís oldest buildings, plus other historical displays.

Dayton Area



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