Enroute from either Cincinnati or Fort Ancient to points east (The Paint Valley, Fort Hill, or Serpent Mound) almost all roads pass through Hillsboro. The very early Greek Revival Courthouse stands in the center of town; East Main Street (US 50) presents a beautiful array of historic houses. Magees café on Main Street near the Courthouse serves famous home-made pies.

East of Hillsboro, watch for the sharply rising edge of the Appalachian Plateau, and the fundamental geological and ecological changes that accompany it. Many of ancient Ohio’s greatest earthwork monuments are clustered along this natural seam, where multiple resources and landscapes could be combined and celebrated.

Spend the afternoon and night at Coyote Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast, 3 miles east of Hillsboro on Route 124, among the rolling woods and pasture land of the Appalachian foothills. Or, a bit farther away, there is the Murphin Ridge Inn, on 142 acres in the northern Adams County hills, with superb hospitality and gourmet dining.

The Murphin Ridge Inn offers gourmet dining, modern rooms, and luxurious cabins, in northern Adams County.

Cincinnati, Little Miami



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