Ceremonial Gatherings

A discussion of the ways the geometric earthworks may have been used, and how gatherings there were probably multi-purposed.


The role of fire in the builders' treatments of deposited items, burials, and the burning down of buildings before mounds or earthworks were raised.

Burning Things

Comparative religion scholar Dr. David Cave discusses the meaning of community ritual burning of meaningful objects across cultures.

Sacred Landscape

Archaeologist Dr. Mark Seeman discusses the relation between the hills and valleys of the Ohio River landscape and the formations of the earthworks and mounds.


Archaeologist Dr. James Brown explains how the earthworks may have been scenes of ritual adoption and the spiritual reincarnation of revered ancestors.


A discussion of the practice, and examples, of Hopewell interment of precious objects and materials in the earth.

The Cosmological Plan

Dr. James Brown suggests that the geometric earthworks reflected the cosmos on earth, allowing potential enemies to meet within a common order.

Elaboration and Ritual

Dr. David Cave explores the reasons for the great size and elaboration in ritual grounds and preparations, across cultures.

Hopewell Interaction Sphere

Dr. Robert Hall describes the nature of the trade networks and other influences that had Hopewell ideas going far across the continent.

Circle of Life

Shawnee Chief Frank Wilson talks about walking the medicine wheel of life with its four gateways.

World Renewal

Archaeologist DeeAnne Wymer explains why some Hopewell deposits suggest the traditional ceremonies of world renewal, still celebrated by many Native American tribes.




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