Two brothers named Salisbury made the most precise and detailed map of the Newark Earthworks. That map, along with its detailed descriptions, became the basis for the computer visualizations in all our Ancient Ohio Trail materials. Brad Lepper explains who the brothers were:

James and Charles Salisbury were interesting. Dr. James Salisbury was a physician, who practiced in Newark. He was wildly famous and popular for having a fad diet called the Salisbury Diet: many of his patients were former veterans of the Civil War who’d subsisted on a steady diet of hard-tack and coffee, and their digestive systems had been ravaged. And so he invented Salisbury Steak as sort of a easily digestible form of diet for them. But (he was) a dedicated antiquarian, and many of the dedicated antiquarians were physicians, for one reason or another. And the Salisbury map is quite accurate: you can overlay the Salisbury map over the aerial photographs we have and it matches precisely.




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