Northeast of Lebanon (9 miles along US 42) is Waynesville. Clustered along its well-preserved Main Street are many antique and specialty shops. This is a major destination for antique and furniture buyers, with more than fifty dealers including some with various specialties.
Continue on US 42 for 15 miles to downtown Xenia. In a new subdivision in the northwestern part of Xenia, the Kinsey Road Mound stands preserved in a small park. It is a rare example of an Adena era mound still together with its surrounding ring.

Beyond along US 42 lies the town of Wilberforce, home of the university of the same name founded in 1856 by and for African Americans, the first of its kind in the country. From here, back roads toward Yellow Springs include and excellent covered bridge (located and blah blah blah find it).

Or, from Xenia, take US 68 north for 11 miles to Yellow Springs, a picturesque college town and former spa, and home to the recently-revived Antioch University. Near Yellow Springs, Glen Helen Park and John Bryan State Park offer excellent recreational opportunities including hiking and bike trails, waterfalls, a covered bridge, and a mound.

An excursion north from Yellow Springs will take you to Enon Mound, a large Adena era burial structure now at the heart of an aptly-named suburban district and encircled by a narrow lane. From Yellow Springs it is also a short drive into metropolitan Dayton (see Dayton page).

Nearly anything that’s old is available among Waynesville’s many antique and specialty shops.

Lebanon to Pollock



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