Just outside of Bainbridge to the east, lies the Seip Earthworks, where the large mound is a reconstruction after extensive excavations. Beneath lay the post-mold pattern of a huge, multi-chambered timber building, with a precise, perfectly-symmetrical, temple-like floor plan almost identical to another at the Liberty Earthworks nearby south of Chillicothe.

Elaborate, pearl-drenched burials and beautiful oversized effigy smoking pipes were found. Today visitors pass between two small segments of the surrounding geometric wall, which originally consisted of two large circular segments and a perfect square. From the top of mound, one can begin to imagine the surrounding figures, and their spatial relationships with the Valley.

Here in the lovely Paint Creek Valley, the hills form a natural amphitheater around the Seip Earthworks. A community of perhaps two hundred people used this site over several generations as a civic and ceremonial center. Over time they erected two great halls, several specialized buildings, and the huge enclosure. The square may have been used to monitor the movements of the sun. And this three-part pattern suggests a relation between the community at Seip, and the people at four similar sites in the region.

Fort Hill, Paint Valley



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