These preserved nature sanctuaries sit among spectacular ancient earthworks: not only Serpent Mound and Fort Hill, but also the huge geometrics of the Paint Creek Valley. Nancy Stranahan talks about how the ancient earthworks and their builders add meaning to this spectacular landscape legacy:

We know their presence. We feel the honor and the obligation to take care of the land and maintain the landscape. For these people it wasn’t a postcard, it wasn’t a nature preserve, it wasn’t wilderness, it was their home. It was their community. They were part of that tapestry. Our organization is partly here because of the inspiration of the people that came before us. We want to not only maintain the memory of those people, and the history of those people, and the speculations of what they might be able to teach us if they were here today, but we also want to maintain their landscape.

Here where we live, in the Paint Creek Valley, we really feel like we live in the Valley of the Kings. Everywhere we go, we’re walking in their footsteps.

Giant old-growth trees make for beautiful hiking and wildlife habitat all seasons of the year.

Fort Hill, Paint Valley



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