Fort Hill is an amazing experience, and a well-kept secret. The combination of adventurous hiking, glorious scenery, and ancient earthen architecture is unparalleled. Both the architecture and the distinctive ecosystem are exceptionally well preserved. Arc of Appalachia Director Nancy Stranahan explains:

The trees are magnificent, large; the ravines are true primeval in quality. I’m careful to throw out the word “sacred site”… but I will tell you this, when I walk up into Fort Hill, I feel a living presence. But I am not alone, there are many, many people who trek those trails and they come back and they just go, “I don’t know, but wow.” And when you look out over those hills from the lookouts, and you just see curve after curve of hill intersecting in the blue, something happens. When you get up to the top of the Fort itself and you look out of the lookout and you see the immense, immense, incomprehensible work that it took to create these earthen walls, on top of a ridge, you kind of go into a state of disbelief, and you move into awe and wonder.

Fort Hill, Paint Valley



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